Begining Android Game Development

Android and Mobile applications development are hot topic these days and there are many developer and java programmer that want to learn android programming , game developmet is also a very hot topic and was always interesting and challenging so i think android game development should be very very very hot and interesting topic these days. if you want to develop game for android this tutorial is just for you!

What is Spring?

spring-mini-logo.pngSpring is a popular , famous and open source java framework released at 2003 for the first time and have many changes whitin these years and now is very powerfull .in these and future tutorials we will learn Spring from first i introduce spring features and facilies then in subsequent tutorial we learn spring in more details by more examples.



First JSF Tutorial

In This and subsequent tutorials we will learn JSF by easy and simple steps.

Java Server Face (JSF) is a UI Component based  java technology for creating we application.Two dominant java based technology before JSF were JSP and Servlet.JSF is a simple and easy Framework that speed up the creation of web application in java.

Setting up Android Development Environment

As all we know android is one of the most popular platform for mobile and portable devices that growing very programming is very interesting and have a large audience and comunities. if you want to learn to program for android so dont loose the chance and start right now, android programming is very easy and Unlike some existing idea is not hard .

to start android programming you should install some required tools on your system. these tools are :

Pic Dic

logo.pngPic Dic is a android german pictorial dictionary(German-Persian) which contains over 400 vocabulary i hope you enjoy.

download link:



BarChart in JavaFX

In This Tutorial I want to talk about Bar Chart in JavaFX, Bar Chart is a two Dimentional Graph that demonestrate data according to their frequencies. Bar Chart could be vertical or horizontal .Bar Chart is a very usefull tool for comparing series of similar data.

the following example show the information of selling different mobile device such as apple , sumsung and htc in three cities tehran,tabriz,shiraz.(all of these data are fiction and hypothetical, do not trust them)



Button is one of the most essential part of any Desktop application , we see buttons in many places we use them to do something like 'ok' , 'cancel' , 'next' , etc. Button lets us to do some special operation, woking with buttons in Java FX is very easy.for using button in our java fx applicatin we should import the javafx.scene.control.Button

the simple example below demonestrate that how we can use Button :



Label is one of the simplest part of Java FX UI controles ,it is accessible from javafx.scene.control.Label , Label has 3 constructor

1) constructor with no parameter

2)constructor that take a string as input parameter

3) and constructor that take a string and an image

the following example show the very easy way to use Label in Java FX application :


these lovely charts


pie chart.JPG

circular chart are very useful tools when we want to compare some data and find out the popularity of them , JavaFX offers PieChart for creating these kind of chart.

creating PieChart in JavaFX is very easy. we just need a list of PieChart.Data to hold data and frequency of them.

the following example is based on java documentation (i just changed some names :D ) and demonstrate how to use PieChart in JavaFX



/* package whatever; // don't place package name! */

import java.util.*;
import java.lang.*;

/* Name of the class has to be "Main" only if the class is public. */
class Ideone
	public static void main (String[] args) throws java.lang.Exception lkjlkjlskjflaskjlskjjf;lsakjf;lskjf;alskdj;aslkdjf;aslkdjf;aslkdjf;aslkdjf;aslkdjf;alskdjf;aslkjdfsa
		// your code goes here

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